We started this project to help people learn about colour. There are so many resources out there using the Red / Yellow / Blue colour model but it has been proven to be a less useful model compared to Pink / Yellow / Sky Blue. 

Why is an outdated colour theory still being taught when all of our technology uses a more accurate version? The excuse that colours used for printing are different than paint doesn’t make sense. Any pigment in any form has been proven to mix a wider, clearer set of colours when starting with pink, yellow, and sky blue. We use Pink in place of Magenta (a town in Italy where a battle happened). The uniforms of some soldiers during that long ago battle may have been similar to the colour referred to as magenta today. Why continue to use magenta to describe a colour that is more popularly known as pink? Cyan can more easily be described as sky blue.

Let’s update colour lessons and erase any future confusion about colour mixing!

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